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Step into the creative world of Jeannie Duncanson!

I am a freelance illustrator specialising in children's books, I use a blend of traditional and digital magic. With techniques spanning watercolours, pen, and ink, I am offering that traditional feel, with occasional digital touches. I breathe life into captivating tales. Collaborating with authors, I infuse their stories with my artistic vision, working together to create enchanting worlds that spark the imagination of every young reader.


I'm also a published author of children’s books and have created tales of countryside characters embarking on delightful adventures. From heartwarming stories to an interactive nature activity book, each narrative invites readers to explore the wonders of the natural world and join the characters on unforgettable journeys. To share these tales with the world,  I founded Blue Otter Books as a platform for discovery and wonder.


My artwork and designs have been auctioned and sold at key locations around the UK. The Royal Academy of Arts and The Royal Society of Arts, additionally my hand-painted slate designs won ‘Kitchen Designer’ in Insight Magazine.


 Additionally, my work extends into the realm of surface design. Here, my original artwork transforms into unique patterns that can adorn a myriad of merchandise. From textiles to stationery, these captivating designs, born from the depths of my imagination, are available for licensing, spreading joy and creativity wherever they go.

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